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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the Answers You Need About Your Septic System

At A1 Septic Service, we pride ourselves on not only providing punctual and dependable septic repairs and maintenance, we also educating our customers on how best to care for their septic systems so that future repairs and maintenance are less costly and severe. Read some of our frequently asked questions about septic systems below or call us to talk with our helpful staff. 

Our Septic FAQs

Can toilet paper harm my septic system?
Sometimes it can. Softer toilet paper is made of more chemicals and these chemicals can be harmful to the biological activity of the septic system, much in the same way antibacterial soaps can be. Look for toilet paper brands that say "septic safe."

My septic system is backed up. How can I prevent this from happening again?
The first sign of your septic system failing is a backup. Our expert team can reverse the clogging trend, but it's up to you to start a maintenance program as soon as possible in order to avoid potentially having to replace your entire system at great cost.

Why does my septic system have a filter? Shouldn't septic waste go into the drain field?
The filter is protecting your drain from bigger solids entering the field. Make sure you clean your filter semi-annually.

What shouldn't go into a septic tank?
Food waste, paint, personal hygiene products, cigarettes, diapers, wipes, and paper towels. 

Can you pump my RV's septic system?
Yes, we can provide pumping services for your RV if you can't move it. Our trucks are equipped with a special connection for this task. We can get to your RV with little difficulty.

Can you locate my septic tank? How do you find it?
We use a probing rod to locate septic tanks. For harder-to-find tanks, we have other methods to locate your tank including flushing a transmitter down your toilet.

Do I need to be home when you're pumping my septic tank?
No, you do not need to be on-site if we know where your septic tank is located.
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"Called yesterday to gather information getting system pumped out. They were able to come out the same day. The service was awesome. Stan did an incredible job cleaning our septic system, he was very thorough and even put all of the dirt on a tarp and separated the bark as well. I had our system cleaned 3 years ago and feel like I got ripped off. I would highly recommend A1 Septic Service."

-Sam K.
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